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Dashboards give you a visual look at your community, as a whole or in segments, across a number for important perspectives.

Manager’s Dashboard

Your first stop in Savannah is your very own personalized Manager’s Dashboard that will provide you with daily information about the current state of your community and what actions you need to take. Let’s take a look at each element one at a time.

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Overview Dashboard

The Overview dashboard gives you high level, at a glance information about the state of your community. It includes counts of your Members, Contributors, Conversations and Contributions, as well as your overall community’s growth, Egnagement Levels and your most active & engaged members

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Members Dashboard

The Members dashboard shows you information about your overall member activity, what sources your members are coming from, and who your most active and engaged members have been.

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Conversations Dashboard

The Conversations dashboard lets you see how much your community is talking, where they’re talking, and what topics they’re talking about. It additionally shows your top Members by activity or engagement

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Contributions Dashboard

The Contributions dashboard allows you to track who is giving back to your community, what they’re giving back, and who else in your community has been helping them get there.

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Opportunities Dashboard

The Opportunities dashboard allows you to track potential contributions from your community and to follow up on them to ensure they are successful.

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Connections Dashboard

The Connections dashboard gives you view of how everybody in your community is connected to everybody else. It helps you spot those Members who are bringing everybody else together, forming the bonds and relationships that your community needs to thrive.

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