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The life blood of any community is the conversations that take place between it’s members. By watching conversations, Savannah is able to identify or derive almost every other metric and insight about your community. A conversation, as far as Savannah is concerned, is any comment left by one member of your community where it will be seen by another. Savannah will import all of these comments it finds in any of your tracked Channels, track who else was involved (tagged, replied to, etc) in the comment, and automatically apply your tags based on keyword matching of the conversation’s text.

Response Times

For threaded conversations, where Savannah knows when one comment is in response to another, it will calculate the time between the start of the conversation and the first response. This is helpful to keep track of how long your members are waiting, and it is a number you should concentrat on keeping as low as possible. After all, it’s not very welcomeing to be met with silence.

Because the response times are calculated for only those conversations that fall within the time span in the view filter, your average will naturally be higher for longer time spans than for shorter oness. When tracking this, be sure that you’re comparing response times for the same length of time span (week over week, month over month, etc).

When filtering the Conversations view by a Member’s role or tag, the Response Times will show for first responses by a Member matching that role or tag.

Conversation Graphs

Your Conversations dashboard will break down your community’s conversations along several useful metrics. The first, Con versations by Channel, will show you which of your Channels is the most active in terms of the number of conversations being held. The second, Conversations by Tag, will show you which topics are the most talked about in your community regadless of where those conversations are happening. Finally, Conversations by Role will break down who is talking based on whether they are a member of your staff or your community.

Activity and Engagement

You will also be shown your top 20 Members based on a couple of criteria: Activity and Engagement. Activity is the number of comments a Member of your community has made, regardless of where or to who. These are your most talkative members. Engagement, on the other hand, is the number of other Members that somebody has had a conversation with, regardless of how many comments were exchanged. These are your most social members. These two measurements combined will give you a good idea of who in your community is doing the most to keep it lively and welcoming.