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Even though Savannah is not a metrics platform, the information it collects in order to help you manage your community relationships also provides insights about your community size, health and activity.

The Overview dashboard is a good starting point in Savannah, it will show you counts on your number of Members, where they come from, how engaged they are, and who your top people are. From here you can navigate to other dashboards to look at different aspects of your community.

Most Active and Engaged

You will also be shown your top 10 Members based on a couple of criteria: Activity and Engagement. Activity is the number of comments a Member of your community has made, regardless of where or to who. These are your most talkative members. Engagement, on the other hand, is the number of other Members that somebody has had a conversation with, regardless of how many comments were exchanged. These are your most social members. These two measurements combined will give you a good idea of who in your community is doing the most to keep it lively and welcoming.